Idaho Falls, Idaho: Bizarre Irrigation Canal Electrocution Accident Kills 3 People And 1 Dog; Jacquelyn R. Poulson, Michael Lance Hicks, And Preston Keith Tarpley

According to an Associated Press report, a bizarre accident in an irrigation canal left 3 people and a dog dead. This incident occurred in Idaho Falls, Idaho, on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

Apparently, an irrigation pump malfunctioned, sending an electric current through the water.

The facts are not totally clear on this. But police believe a dog was in distress first in the irrigation canal. After that, Jacquelyn R. Poulson may have gone in to save the dog. When she was getting electrocuted, several companions went into the water to try to save her. 2 of those men were killed along with Poulson. They are Michael Lance Hicks (41) and Preston Keith Tarpley (49). Jacqueline Poulson was 31 and worked as an assistant track and field coach for the Idaho State University athletics team. All three of the victims who died in this accident were from Blackfoot, Idaho.

According to the police, at least 3 additional people were shocked by the electricity running through the water. But they all survived.


Sacramento Bee and Associated Press Story On This Electrocution Incident In Idaho Falls

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