Houston, Texas Crime News: Timothy Powell Shot And Killed At La Cave Club; 3 Other Gunshot Victims; One Beating Victim

The Houston Chronicle reports that Timothy Powell was shot and killed at the La Cave after-hours nightclub. That club is located in northwest Harris County (the Houston, Texas area), at the intersection of Breck and FM 1960. The shooting occurred around 5 in the morning, on Sunday, December 9, 2012.

The Chron.com report says this La Cave club has a history of problems with violent crime. Authorities are looking at ways of possibly closing it down. But the place has to be in violation of something. You can’t generally just close a place down because it attracts a bad crowd.


The investigation is continuing. But police believe that the suspects were kicked out of the club. Then, one or more came back with a gun and started shooting. The crime actually took place in the parking lot. The bouncers that kicked them out may have been the intended victims. But people like Timothy Powell are thought be be bystanders that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I write a lot of stories on violent crime. And one thing I noticed is that house parties have a lot of random shooting victims. And when people are shot at a club, it is often outside in the parking lot. Hanging around the parking lot of a club is not a good place to be.

Timothy Powell was 21 years old. Names of the other victims were not identified in the report. Their exact medical status is not known. 3 of them were shot, and 1 suffered a physical beating.


Houston Chronicle Report On Shooting Death Of Timothy Powell At La Cave Nightclub

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