Hollywood, California Accident News: Tree Trimmer Killed By Palm Fronds On North Martel Avenue

The Los Angeles Times has reported on a freak tree-trimming accident that has killed one victim. This accident occurred on Saturday, September 22, 2012, at 1412 North Martel Avenue.


The Times report did not state the name of the tree trimmer who was killed in this tragic accident.


The man was in a palm tree, about 30 feet in the air. As he was cutting away dead palm fronds, a number of fronds fell at the same time, trapping him and either crushing or suffocating the victim. Authorities declared him dead at the scene and then worked to move him to the ground.

Dangers of Tree Trimming:

While this sounds like a freak accident, the L.A. Times found an expert who said that tree trimming is actually quite dangerous. John Ball said about 1 in 3000 workers get killed in this profession.


L.A. Times Report On Hollywood Tree Trimmer Getting Killed By Palm Fronds

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