Hampton, Virginia Crime News Video: Woman Shot And Killed At Coliseum Crossing Shopping Center; No Suspect Arrested

WVEC reports that a woman has been shot and killed during some kind of altercation at a Hampton, Virginia shopping mall. You can see a video on this story by using the link below.


The Coliseum Crossing shopping center is located on the road of the same name, near Coliseum Drive and Marcella Road.


Friday, July 5, 2013, at about 1 in the afternoon


The name of the female victim of this shooting has not yet been released.

Suspect And Motive:

What is known is that people in a green car were arguing with the victim. The argument escalated to a shooting, and she died from her wounds. The make and model of the green car was not known.

While no specific suspect has been identified, there was a man seen running from the crime scene. It is not yet known whether he was the shooter because an innocent bystander could also run for cover. This man was about 6 feet tall. He was wearing a blue shirt and black pants.


WVEC Article And Video On Shooting Death of Woman At Hampton, Virginia’s Coliseum Crossing Shopping Center

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