Greeley, Colorado’s Eric Nourse And Lake Oswego, Oregon’s David Reinhart Killed While Climbing Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua; Greg Nourse (Portland, OR) Survives

The Denver Post reports that two Americans died while on an Argentina mountain-climbing expedition to scale Mount Aconcagua. The victims died on December 29, 2012. One member of the 3-person group survived.


1. Eric Nourse was from Greeley, Colorado. He was killed in the climb. Eric was 41 years old.

2. David Reinhart was also killed. David lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon. David was 42 years old.

3. Eric’s twin, Greg Nourse, survived the ordeal. He lives in Portland, Oregon.


The deaths of Eric and David were said to have probably been caused by complications from altitude sickness. They were stranded for quite a while up on the mountain and were likely dehydrated and also suffered from exposure to the harsh elements.

Greg Nourse managed to go for help when Eric and David lost energy. But it was too late by the time rescuers arrived. Eric had originally gone for help but collapsed along the way.

According to the Denver Post, Mount Aconcagua (cerro Aconcagua) is 22,841 feet in elevation.


Denver Post Report On Mountain-Climbing Deaths Of Eric Nourse And David Reinhart In Argentina Article On Eric’s And David’s Deaths

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