FOX News Animal Video: Interview With Tartar Sauce The Grumpy Cat And Owner, Tabatha Bundesen

The following FOX News animal video contains an interview with the owner of a cat who has gone viral online. Tartar Sauce has a face that makes her look grumpy. People were so amused by the look that a video of Tartar Sauce went viral. This FOX News video was added to their website on October 9, 2012.

You can see the actual cat in this video clip. The interviewer says she is actually quite a mellow feline. The owner of the grumpy Tartar Sauce is Tabatha Bundesen. She says her brother made a video of Tartar Sauce. That video has gotten about 2 million visitors so far.

Bundesen says she thinks the cat is actually pretty happy. But she didn’t seem too sure.

Tabatha is happy that the viral video of Tartar Sauce makes some people happy.

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