Fort Worth, Texas Accident And Crime News: Charayla McMillan Killed On South Freeway In Hit-And-Run Incident

WFAA reports that Charayla McMillan was struck and killed by a service truck on the South Freeway, in Fort Worth, Texas. Because the driver failed to stop, this is also now a hit-and-run criminal investigation.


Sunday, February 10, 2013, at about 15 minutes after midnight


Due south of Everman Parkway, on the South Freeway


Charayla McMillan was 21 years old. She had a one-year-old child. McMillan lived in Crowley, Texas.


The driver who struck her was said to be driving a black truck that was described as a work truck. It had a toolbox and louvers on the back window.


McMillan’s vehicle stopped in the service road. She leaned out on the driver’s side, reportedly because she was sick. That is the when the truck struck her. She died from her injuries.

Criminal Charges:

It is not so clear from the report whether the driver was actually at fault in striking Charayla. She did get out on the driver’s side. And even if she was just leaning out, it’s the same difference. So we would need more information to determine if the driver who fled was actually at fault in striking her.

However, because this is a hit and run, that driver is on the hook for those charges. His only real defense would be that he (or she) didn’t know that he hit someone. You usually would know this is you are driving down the freeway and come in contact with a human being and hit her hard enough that it killed her.


WFAA Report On Traffic Death Of Charayla McMillan On Forth Worth, Texas’s South Freeway

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