Fort Smith, Arkansas Crash News Video: Alma High School Math Teacher, Crystal Gale Buswell, Killed In Car-Dump Truck Accident has published a video about the tragic death of a Greenwood teacher who worked at Alma High School. Her car collided with a dump truck in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Check the link below to watch the video.


Intersection of Chad Colley Boulevard and Massard Road


Thursday, August 29, 2013, at about 4 in the afternoon


Crystal Gale Buswell was 31 years old. She lived in Greenwood but taught at Alma High School, which is around 15 miles from Fort Smith.


The person who was driving the dump truck was 73-year-old James Austin. Reports I have seen did not indicate where Austin lives. James was not injured.

Cause: said witnesses told police that Buswell ran a stop sign. This caused Austin to slam into the side of the teacher’s car with his dump truck.

Criminal Charges:

Austin is not expected to be charged with any crimes.

Sources: Video About Car-Dump Truck Crash And Death Of Alma High School Teacher, Crystal Gale Buswell, In Fort Smith, Arkansas

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