Drug Crime News: Virginia Peninsula (Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Newport News, Etc) – List Of 26 Suspects Charged In “Dragon’s Lair” Drug Bust, Including Alleged Ringleaders Christopher Devon Barrett And Steven Lavonne Morris

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Norfolk, Virginia, has charged 26 suspects in connection with the “Dragon’s Lair” drug bust. Below, you can see a list of the 26 suspects and where they are from or were allegedly selling drugs or assisting in the alleged drug trafficking ring. They are accused of selling either cocaine, heroin, and firearms. Charges vary based on the individuals.

The suspects were charged on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

1. Christopher Devon Barrett is the alleged ring leader. He is 26 and from Hampton, Virginia. Barrett allegedly ran the drug dealing enterprise from the Colonial Landing Apartment.

2. Wayne Dominique Barrett is 24 and from Newport News

3. Demetrius Deangelo Askew is 31 years old and from Hampton.

4. Donald Lorenzo Smith is 29 and from Newport News.

5. Stacy Ray Wise is 26 and from Newport News.

6. Darryl Michael Elliott is 46 and from Hampton.

7. Timothy Ray Alexander is 42 and from Hampton.

8. William Lewis Cofield, Sr. is 58 and from Hampton.

9. Larry Daniel Stokes is 55 and from Hampton.

10. Warren Lester Tribble is 62 and from Hampton.

11. Andrea Barrett is 24. She is the sister of alleged ringleader, Christopher Devon Barrett.

12. Steven Lavonne Morris is 38 and from Newport News. Morris is alleged to be a ringleader in a cocaine drug-dealing organization.

13. Jonathan Holguin is 24 and from New York City (alleged supplier to Virginia residents).

14. Edwin Fernandez is 28 and from New York City (also alleged supplier of Virginia drug ring).

15. Frederick Lavan Womack is 34 and from Hampton.

16. Bradley Maurice Cephas is 38 and from Newport News.

17. James King Artis, II, is 38 and from Hampton.

18. Aaron Evan Smith is 31 and from Yorktown.

19. Christopher Michael Flowers is 40 and from Hampton.

20. Leroy Cornelius Bugg is 33 and from Hampton.

21. Arthur Gadsden, Jr., is 41 and from Newport News.

22. James Vincent Taylor is 30 and from Hampton.

23. Alesha Dubrey Cousins is 30 and from Hampton.

24. Tinesha Monica Dubrey is 31 and from Hampton.

25. Dominic Walker is 26 and from Newport News.

26. Jatadia Sirica Cook is 35 and from Newport News.


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