DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, Florida Crash News Video: Tony Hayes Killed In SUV-Truck Accident On U.S. Highway 331; Trucker Damon Wiggs Involved

One man has been killed in a two-vehicle crash in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, Florida. The victim who died was driving a Chevy Blazer SUV. The other vehicle was a big-rig truck. Neither of the two occupants of the truck was injured. WMBB has a video on this incident. Click the link below to watch it.


U.S. Highway 331


Sunday afternoon, September 15, 2013


Tony Hayes was the SUV driver killed in this crash. He was 44 and lived in DeFuniak Springs.

Truck Occupants:

1. The driver of the truck was Damon Wiggs, who is 39 and from South Carolina.

2. A guy was sleeping in the truck at the time the crash occurred. His name is Darold Grimmett (no further personal info was available on this truck passenger).


It appears that Wiggs went to cross the lanes of traffic that Hayes was driving on. Wiggs said he thought that Hayes was going to stop. But Hayes kept driving and slammed right into the bed of the truck.

Criminal Charges:

No one has been charged with any crimes at this point in the investigation. Normally, trucks, just like any other vehicle, should be waiting until the coast is clear before crossing the road. But whether Wiggs committed any crimes in this incident is not clear from the reports. Police will have to look at all the facts and make a decision.

Sources: Video On Traffic Accident And Death Of Tony Hayes, Involving Truck Driver Damon Wiggs

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