Crime Video News: Heron Moran Shot And Killed In Salinas, California

Victim: Heron Moran – 34 years old

Suspect: not known

City, State: Salinas, California

Address: 1036 North Sanborn Road

Date: Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time: 6:53 in the evening

This is a pretty creepy situation. Someone shot Heron Moran. A police officer was driving by and happened to see that people were carrying him towards an apartment that they say Moran lived in. When these people saw the police, they ran away.

The cops think that these were gang members trying to hide Moran’s body after someone in the group shot him.

Police believe there may have been an argument that led to the shooting. Some of Moran’s own friends are believed to know who shot him. But they say they aren’t talking to police.

The other disgusting thing that happened is about 40 people allegedly tried to block police from getting to Moran so they could help him. It’s absolutely sickening behavior and reminds me, at least, that I had a gift not to have to grow up in such a neighborhood. Imagine actually being a good person and growing up in such a place.

Link to Article:!biU4UV (no video)

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