Crime Video Files: Sedgwick, Adams County, Colorado: William Dean Otto Arrested For Killing Two Teenagers

A man has been arrested in Adams County, Colorado, after he reportedly confessed to killing two teen boys, and leading police to their buried bodies.


The suspect is William Dean Otto. He is 43 years old.


The names of the teen boys have not been released. However, they apparently just went missing over this past weekend (around Saturday, August 10, 2013).


The information appears to be coming from the suspect. According to, evidence so far suggests that Otto solicited the teen boys for some kind of sexual act. They then possibly tried to blackmail him for $10,000 each, saying that they would show a video to the police if Otto did not pay up. The boys may have made a tape of the solicitation. I say they may have done this or that cause it sounds as if this information is coming from the suspect, who may or may not be telling the whole truth on this.

Otto then reportedly told police that he shot them after one of the boys was rifling through a drawer with knives in it. So it sounds as if the suspect might be claiming self-defense. But it may be that police don’t believe that part of his statement.

This is a developing story. Not much else is available at this time.

Criminal Charges:

There is no word yet on formal charges against Otto. Naturally, he is likely to be charged with murder if and when that decision is made.


CBS Report On William Dean Otto’s Arrest Article On Otto’s Arrest For Allegedly Killing Two Teen Boys

This story is so new, that there are no videos available on it at the time of publication.

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