Crime Video Files: Aurora, Colorado: Mom Yun Mi Hoy Killed; Suspect Is Teen Daughter, Isabella Guzman

The Denver Post reports that a teen daughter is the suspect in the stabbing death of her own mother. The killing took place in Aurora, Colorado.


2600 block of South Lima Street


Wednesday, August 28, 2013, at some time before 10 at night (that’s when police were called to the house)


Mother Yun Mi Hoy was the owner of Bella’s Portrait Studio, which is at Aurora’s Town Center. Her age was not provided in reports I have seen so far.


Daughter Isabelle Guzman is 18. She attended Overland High School before dropping out.

Motive And Evidence:

There is no clear evidence of guilt at this point. But the victim’s ex-wife and suspect’s father says that they were fighting all the time. This might provide a motive. However, you need a lot more than that to prove murder or any crime. The stepfather was at the house. So he may be a witness to this crime. But that is not known at this point because the report was not able to provide that much detail. The fact that Isabelle Guzman remains missing is certainly not helpful to her, either.

Criminal Charges:

There have been no charges yet. Police are still looking for Guzman.


Denver Post Article On Stabbing Death Of Yun Mi Hoy And Search For Suspect And Teen Daughter, Isabelle Guzman

There was no video available on this alleged crime at the time of publication.

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