Crime And Crash Video Files: Roswell, Georgia: Sister Sarah Powell Killed In Motorcycle Accident On Georgia 400; Brother David Neil Howell Arrested

A sister has been killed and a brother arrested after a motorcycle crash that killed the woman. Police believe she was also run over by a car. The brother was driving the bike and is accused of DUI, and the sister was the passenger.


Georgia 400, near Holcomb Bridge Road


Saturday, September 21, 2013, at about 1:30 in the morning


Sarah Powell, sister of the man operating the motorcycle, was the passenger killed. She was 28 and lived in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is in Fulton County and is a suburb of Atlanta.


David Neil Howell was operating the bike. He is Sarah’s brother. His age and city of residence were not mentioned in the Patch report. Howell sustained minor injuries.


David Neil Howell apparently lost control and hit a wall in the median of Georgia 400. After Sarah fell off, police believe she was struck by another vehicle. That driver took off, and police are looking for a black-colored Jeep Liberty that may be a 2005 model and may have damage in the front part of the vehicle on the passenger side.

Criminal Charges:

David Neil Howell has been charged with a number of crimes, the really serious ones of which are drunk driving and first degree vehicular homicide. I imagine they are doing toxicology testing to confirm whether or not he was actually drunk. But that was not clear from the early reporting.


Patch Article On Motorcycle Accident and Death Of Sister Sarah Powell And Arrest of Brother David Neil Howell, In Roswell, Georgia

There was no video available on this crash. Check out the “Georgia news” link to find recent accident and crime videos coming out of the Peach State.

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