Crime And Crash Video Files: Lewiston, New York And Tuscarora Indian Reservation: Teen Brett McKee Killed When Riding In Skyler T. Zephier’s SUV; Zephier Arrested For Alleged Drunk Driving; Jason D. Cramer Injured

A teen male was killed when riding as a passenger in the vehicle of a driver now accused of drunk driving. In this two-vehicle crash, the other driver was injured. The accident was in Lewiston, New York, within the Tuscarora Indian Reservation.


Intersection of Upper Mountain Road and Susie’s Lane


Sunday, September 8, 2013, at about 11 in the morning


1. Teen Brett McKee was killed in this crash. He was the passenger in Zephier’s SUV. McKee was 18, and he lived on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation.

2. Skyler T. Zephier was driving the SUV. He is also the suspect in this case. Personal details about this person were not included in the reports. He may have suffered some injuries but reportedly walked away from the scene of the accident. So it doesn’t sound like he was that seriously injured.

3. Jason D. Cramer was the driver of the other vehicle. He hurt his leg but is expected to survive.


Skyler T. Zephier reportedly walked away before police arrived. But they later found him. Zephier was apparently not arrested for hit and run but has been charged with drunk driving.


Police believe that Zephier did not yield at the intersection when Cramer had the right of way. A collision occurred, and the SUV overturned and came to rest upside down. Cramer’s vehicle was thrust into a field next to the road.

Criminal Charges:

Zephier is charged with drunk driving. There was no blood-alcohol test result available yet.

Sources: Report On Car Crash And Death Of Teen Brett McKee, Arrest Of Skyler T. Zephier, And Injury To Jason D. Cramer

There was no video on this crash at the time of posting. To find recent crash videos for this state, click on “New york news” below.

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