Crash Video News: Dillon Stewart, Steven Watts, And Tabitha Blankenship

1. Dillon Stewart
2. Steven Watts
3. Tabitha Blankenship

1. Victim Dillon Stewart has been killed in a car-truck accident in the Coopertown area of Robertson County, Tennessee. It was on SH 49, on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Troy Ricks was not injured.

Use these sources to get more information on this crash:

2. Steven Watts has been killed in a 3-vehicle crash in Sacramento, California, at the intersection of Elder Creek Road and Florin-Perkins Road. This was on Sunday, April 12, 2015. Watts allegedly ran a red light to cause the accident. The sources below have some additional information. The two other drivers were injured.

3. Tabitha Blankenship has been killed in a West Virginia car accident, in Fayette County. Brian Withrow, her passenger, was critically injured. Blankenship allegedly drove through the intersection at CR 9 and CR 16 at a high rate of speed, causing another vehicle to broadside her car. Click on the sources below for more details on Tabitha’s accident. (includes video coverage)

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