Crash Video Files: Waynesville, Missouri: Teen Darion E. Beckley Killed And Jason And Taylor Beckley Injured, In Accident Involving Truck On I-44

A teen boy has been killed and a young adult and 10-year-old victim injured, in a two-vehicle crash near Waynesville, Missouri. All of the victims were riding in a Honda Civic that hit a big-rig truck. There was no mention of the truck driver sustaining any injuries.


Interstate 44, about 2 to 3 miles west of Waynesville


Wednesday, August 21, 2013, at about 6 in the evening


1. The teen who was killed was 13-year-old Darion E. Beckley. He lived in Lebanon, Missouri.

2. Driver Jason Beckley was injured. He is 22 and lives in Waynesville.

3. Taylor Beckley is 10 years old. This victim was also injured.

Although their medical status was not known, we know that Jason and Taylor were injured pretty seriously because they were airlifted to a Columbia, MO hospital.

Truck Driver:

The name of the truck driver was not released.


Police believe that Beckley went to change lanes and hit the tail end of the big rig. The report says he then went into the median. There was no mention of the car overturning. Police said all 3 victims were wearing their seat belts.

Criminal Charges:

It isn’t known yet whether Jason Beckley will be charged with any crimes. It doesn’t sound as if the truck driver did anything wrong at all. But a full investigation is necessary to determine all the facts and circumstances.

Sources: Report On Car Crash And Death Of Teen Darion E. Beckley And Injury To Jason And Taylor Beckley, Near Waynesville, Missouri

There was no video available on this accident at the time of posting. To find recent Missouri crash news videos, click on “missouri news” in the tags below.

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