Crash Video Files: Stuart, Martin County, Florida: Troy Van Snook And “Ghost Cat” Band Member Bryan Llewellyn Jackson Killed In Multi-Vehicle Accident On Interstate 95; Karsten Andersen Injured

This was a multiple-vehicle crash, with one member of the Ghost Cat music band being killed in one car, and a driver of a second car also dying. Another band member sustained injuries. Some other cars were involved due to the chain reaction. But none of those people sustained more than minor injuries.

Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time: About 2 in the morning

City / County / State: Stuart, Martin County, Florida

Address: Interstate 95

Victims Killed:

1. Troy Van Snook was the driver of the car not carrying the band members. This Marine veteran was 31 years old. He lived in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

2. Bryan Llewellyn Jackson was the band member who died. He was 26 and also from Port St. Lucie.

Victims Injured:

Bandmate Karsten Andersen was injured and diagnosed with a broken femur. He is 27 and from Fort Pierce, Florida.

Shane O’Brien was also in the car with Anderson and Jackson. He had minor injuries. O’Brien is 21 and also from Port St. Lucie.


For some reason, Snook was going the wrong way down the road. This caused a collision with the Jackson vehicle. It is not yet known if alcohol played a factor. As usual, toxicology tests are being done.


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