Crash Video Files: Rockford, Illinois: Dorothy Galloway Killed In 3-Vehicle Spring Creek Accident Involving Alleged Stolen Car

A woman was killed and 4 victims were injured in a 3-vehicle crash. Police say that one of the cars is believed to be a stolen vehicle.

Date: Sunday night, September 29, 2013

City / County / State: Rockford, Illinois

Address: Spring Creek

Victims Killed:

1. Dorothy Galloway was 65 and lived in the Rockford area.

Victims Injured: was told that Dorothy Galloway’s husband was critically injured. 3 male victims were in the other car. One was critically injured, and the other two were expected to survive.


Police believe the allegedly stolen Hyundai crossed the median into the wrong lane of traffic while traveling at a high rate of speed. This caused a collision with the other two vehicles.

Criminal Charges?

I have not seen any report on what happened to the Hyundai or its driver. No suspect or arrest was mentioned.

Sources: Report On Dorothy Galloway’s Death

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