Crash Video Files: Panola County, Mississippi: Oxford Teen, Sarah Bial, Killed In Car Accident At Highway 310 And Hunter Chapel Road; 4 Victims Injured

One teen girl was killed and 4 victims injured, in a car crash that occurred in Panola County, Mississippi.


Intersection of Highway 310 and Hunter Chapel Road


Saturday, August 24, 2013, at about 15 minutes til midnight


1. Sarah Bial was the 17-year-old teenage girl killed in this crash. She lived in Oxford, Mississippi, which is in Lafayette County.

2. 4 other victims were injured. Their names and ages and places where they live were not released. However, it is believed that some or all of these victims are also teens. All 4 were injured seriously enough to be taken to the hospital.


For some reason, there is essentially no information on the cause of this accident. Reports don’t even indicate how many cars were involved.

Sources: Article On Car Crash and Death Of Oxford Teen, Sarah Bial, And Injury To 4 Victims, In Panola County, Mississippi

There was no video available on this crash at the time of publication.

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