Crash Video Files: Ossipee, North Carolina: Couple Michael and Shannon Turner Killed In Motorcycle Accident On N.C. 87; Pickup Driver Michael Ahlgren Charged

A man and woman were killed when riding their motorcycle. This crash occurred when the husband and wife were struck from behind by a pickup truck. The exact cause is not clear. But the pickup driver reportedly said that he did not see the motorcycle until its blinker was turned on to make a turn. By then, he was too close to avoid the accident.

Date: Friday, October 11, 2013

Time: About 7:45 at night

City / County / State: Ossipee, North Carolina

Address: Intersection of N.C. 87 North and Carroll Drive

Victims Killed:

1. Michael Turner was the husband who died.

2. Shannon Turner was the wife.

The ages and place of residence of this couple had not yet been provided.

Victims Injured:


Pickup Driver:

Michael Ahlgren is 50 years old. He lives in Elon, North Carolina, on Ossipee Front Street.

Criminal Charges?

Ahlgren has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. This typically means that police believe he was careless enough to have committed a crime, but that he was NOT driving drunk or engaging in other extremely reckless behavior. A misdemeanor conviction can result in jail time but is generally one year or less. Probation is usually possible, as well. As to whether Ahlgren has a “poor visibility” defense, we don’t know enough about the road and weather conditions at the time to make that determination.


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