Crash Video Files: Ossian, New York: Teen Connor Gilbert (Canaseraga Resident) Killed In 1-Vehicle Accident On White Road; Teenager Nathan Poddany Injured

A crash in Ossian, New York, has killed one teen and injured another. There was only one vehicle involved, and there were no other passengers. Ossian is in Livingston County.


White Road


It is not totally clear when this accident occurred. But what is known is that a trooper discovered the vehicle at about 8 in the morning, on Sunday, August 18, 2013.


1. Teen Connor Gilbert was the victim killed in this crash. He lived in Canaseraga, New York, and was 16 years old.

2. Teenager Nathan Poddany was injured. He is 18, but reports did not provide his city of residence.


Poddany was driving the vehicle when he lost control for some reason. It then struck several trees next to the road.

Criminal Charges:

It is not yet known whether Poddany will be charged with any crimes in connection with this crash.

Sources: (ABC) Article On Car Crash And Death Of Teen Connor Gilbert And Injury To Teenager Nathan Poddany

There was no video available on this crash at the time of writing.

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