Crash Video Files: Nelson County, Virginia: Josephine S. Brooks Killed In 1-Vehicle Accident On Route 250; Marion S. Martin Injured

One woman was killed and another injured in a one-vehicle crash. The driver was the one who was injured. The passenger died in this accident.

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: About 7:40 in the evening

City / County / State: Nelson County, Virginia

Address: Route 250, to the east of Route 6

Victims Injured:

1. Marion S. Martin is 79 and from Shipman, Virginia. She is expected to survive.

Victims Killed:

Josephine S. Brooks, also from Shipman, was 72 years old.


Martin veered across the road and into the ditch for some unknown reason. The car overturned. Martin was wearing a seat belt, but Brooks was not.

Criminal Charges?

The driver has not been charged yet. A decision has not been made and will depend on the cause of the accident.



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