Crash Video Files: Momence, Illinois: Laura J. Basham And Barry N. Basham Killed In 4-Vehicle Accident On Illinois Route 1/17; Others Involved Include Krzystof Sulkowski, Troy Farney, And Janice Billadeau

2 victims were killed and 2 truckers injured in a 4-vehicle crash. The two injured truck drivers will survive. Those who died were in a car between the two trucks. The driver of the 4th vehicle was not injured.

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time: Close to 8:30 in the morning

Vehicles and Persons Involved:

Imagine a line of four cars. Here they are, from front to back:

1. Troy Farney was the driver of a truck.

2. Laura and Barry Basham were in a car.

3. Krzystof Sulkowski was the driver of another semi.

4. Janice Billadeau was the last in the line of vehicles.

City / County / State: In the area of Momence, Illinois

Address: Illinois Route 1/17

Victims Killed:

Laura J. Basham And Barry N. Basham were 64 and 61 years of age. They lived in Shelby, Indiana. Laura was driving at the time of this accident.

Victims Injured:

Farney and Sulkowski sustained minor injuries. Farney is 42 and from Forrest, Illinois. Sulkowski is 37 and from Chicago, Illinois.


Sulkowski rammed into the Basham vehicle, which also caused the Farney big rig to be struck. Billadeau avoided the main crash by swerving into the ditch. She is 36 and from Momence.

Criminal Charges?

There are no charges at this time.


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