Crash Video Files: Malvern, Hot Spring County, Arkansas: Memphis Resident, Ori Hall, Killed In Accident At Rest Stop; Shanice Briggs And Bria Horton Injured

This crash involved one moving vehicle and a parked tractor-trailer truck. It happened at a rest stop in the Social Hill, Hot Spring County, Arkansas area (also near Malvern). The rest stop is at Mile Marker 93 of Interstate 30. Police believe that the driver pulled into the rest stop at a high rate of speed and plowed into the truck. One passenger was killed, and two occupants in the vehicle were injured. Their medical status is not known. The truck driver did not sustain any injuries.

The man who died is Ori Hall. He was 20 years old and lived in Memphis, Tennessee. The driver was Shanice Briggs, who is 22 and from Memphis. Teen passenger Bria Horton, also from Memphis, is 18.

This accident took place on Wednesday morning, November 20, 2013.

Criminal Charges?

Briggs has not been charged at this time. But there is some risk of that, depending on proof of speeding plus the reason why that happened (if it did).


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