Crash Video Files: Lingle, Goshen County, Wyoming: Pedestrian Keith Beers Killed In Alleged Hit And Run At Main Street And 2nd Avenue

A male pedestrian has been struck and killed. The motorist did not stop, making this an investigation of a possible hit and run.

Date: Sunday, November 3, 2013 (exact time not posted in reports)

City / County / State: Lingle, Goshen County, Wyoming

Address: Intersection of Main Street (Highway 85) and 2nd Avenue

Victims Killed:

1. Keith Beers was 68 years old and lived in Lingle.

Victims Injured:



Police believe that Beers was crossing the street at the intersection listed above. For some reason, a car struck him. The driver of this car did not stop and has not been in contact with authorities, who are looking for him or her now. There is no vehicle or suspect description.

Criminal Charges?

No one has been charged, as the driver has not even been found. There aren’t a lot of defenses to a hit and run as long as the suspect knew that he or she hit something. But every case is different, and we don’t know at this time what was in the mind of the driver.


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