Crash Video Files: Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: Stephen Bruno Killed In Car Accident At Piazza Honda Of Pottstown Car Dealership

One man was killed in this one-vehicle crash. There was no report of any injured passengers or pedestrians. ABC has a video about this accident that you can watch by using the link posted below.

Date: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time: Around 3:30 in the afternoon

City / County / State: Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania


Piazza Honda of Pottstown (the car dealership lot) is located at 629 N. Lewis Road, in Limerick, Pennsylvania.

Victims Killed:

1. Stephen Bruno was 61 and lived in Spring City, Pennsylvania.

Victims Injured:



Bruno lost control and went over a snow bank next to the road. He then crashed into several cars in the Piazza lot. It is not known what caused Bruno to go off of the road.


Limerick Patch

ABC Video

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