Crash Video Files: Lewiston, Maine: Amy Ferguson Killed In Car Accident On Lisbon Street; 2 Male Victims Injured

One female driver was killed in this crash. Two men in another vehicle were injured. Only two vehicles were physically impacted. But a 3rd vehicle coming out of a Mobil gas station allegedly pulled out in front of the woman. At that point, the report linked to below states that the woman swerved to miss that 3rd vehicle and did miss it. But in the process, she went into the path of the mens’ vehicle and collided with it.

No one has been charged with any crimes at this time. The woman driving the 3rd car was not identified. But the report says she has talked to police.

Date: Thursday, December 19, 2013

Time: In the afternoon hours

City / County / State: Lewiston, Maine

Address: Lisbon Street, near the South Lewiston Baptist Church

Victims Killed:

1. Amy Ferguson was the woman who died. She was identified as being both a mother and grandmother. But her age was not provided.

Victims Injured:

Two men in a GMC were sent to the hospital, but they have already been released.


See the first paragraph for a discussion of how this accident allegedly occurred.



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