Crash Video Files: Lakeland, Polk County, Florida: 2 Victims Killed In 3-Car Accident On Highway 98 North – Teen Eric Russo And Charles Parker; Teenager Jessica Carroll And Rex Brinker Injured

Two victims were killed in this three-vehicle crash. One was a teen boy. A teenage girl and a 4th victim were injured. Two people in the 3rd vehicle luckily came out unscathed.

Date: Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time: About 3 in the morning

City / County / State: Lakeland, Polk County, Florida

Address: Highway 98 North

Victims Killed:

1. Eric Russo was 19 years old.

2. Charles Parker was 28 years old.

Victims Injured:

1. Jessica Carroll, the other teenage driver, is 17.

2. Rex Brinker is 40.

Both Carroll and Brinker were sent to the hospital.

Uninjured Parties:

1. Michael Haire is 59.

2. Marvella Haire was a passenger in Michael’s car.


Police believe that Russo was in a Scion and tried to pass one or more other vehicles. Carroll was approaching in a Mustang from the opposite direction. Police think Russo clipped Haire as Russo swerved to get back into the right lane. He then crashed into Carroll’s Mustang. Parker and Brinker were both in Carroll’s Mustang.

Criminal Charges?

If the facts so far hold up as true, it doesn’t appear that any of the survivors was negligent in relation to this accident.



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