Crash Video Files: Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida: Bicycle Rider Steven Brown Killed In Accident On Burns Avenue; Motorist Scott Edwards Arrested

A bicycle rider was killed in a crash involving a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck has been arrested on driving-related charges not specifically connected to the accident.

Date: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time: About 7:15 in the morning

City / County / State: Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida

Address: Burns Avenue

Victims Killed:

1. Steven Brown was the bicyclist who died. He was 25.

Victims Injured:


Pickup Truck Driver:

Scott Edwards is 50 and lives in Lake Wales.


Police say that Edwards hit Brown when the former tried to pass his bicycle in a Ford Ranger pickup.

Criminal Charges?

Edwards has not been charged with causing the accident at this time. The charges related to having a suspended or revoked license, driving without insurance, and driving without valid car tags. It has not been decided yet whether Edwards will be charged in direct relation to the bicycle crash.


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