Crash Video Files: Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin: Jordan Vogel Killed In Accident With Car And 3 Motorcycles; 3 Victims Injured – Matthew Heine, Ruger Roehl, And Randy Trumpf

One motorcycle rider was killed in a 4-vehicle crash in Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. 2 motorcycle riders were injured, and the one car driver also sustained injuries.


Highway O, close to Kroughville Road


Saturday, August 24, 2013, at about 30 minutes after noon time


1. Jordan Vogel was the motorcyclist killed in this accident. He was 23 and lived in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

2. Matthew Heine is 22 and also from Jefferson. He was injured.

3. Teen Ruger Roehl is 19 and from Watertown, Wisconsin. Roehl was injured.

Heine and Roehl were both riding motorcycles.

4. Randy Trumpf was the injured vehicle driver. He is 31 and from Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Roehl was the one taken to the hospital. But it wasn’t clear how serious his injuries were.


Police believe that Vogel crossed the center line, causing a collision with Trumpf’s car. Heine and Roehl crashed their bikes as a result of the initial accident.

Criminal Charges:

At this point, it doesn’t appear as if anyone will be charged with any crimes, as the 3 injured victims don’t seem to be negligent.

Sources: Report On Lake Mills Motorcycle Accident And Death of Jordan Vogel And Injury To Matthew Heine, Ruger Roehl, And Randy Trumpf

There was no video available on this accident at the time of publication. To see recent Wisconsin crash and crime videos, click on “wisconsin news” below.

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