Crash Video Files: Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas: Gregory Ward of Harrison And Teen Richard Foster Killed And Brynden Ward Injured When Struck By Scotty Arnst’s Truck

An accident in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas, has killed two men and injured one male child. One of the men was a teenager. The truck driver involved was not injured. The child sustained minor injuries and is expected to survive.

This crash took place near State Highway 7 and James Phifer Lane. It was on Sunday, September 22, 2013, at about 9:30 at night.

Gregory Ward was 40 years old. He lived in Harrison. Ward was the first man killed. The teenager who died is Richard Foster. He was 19 and lived in Lead Hill, Arkansas. Child Brynden Ward is 9. As stated above, he was not seriously injured.

The truck driver was Scotty Arnst, who is 72 and from Waco, Texas.

This incident involves a simultaneous crash with a pedestrian accident. The victims had somehow gotten a flat tire at the same time and pulled over to fix them. They and the child were outside their vehicles. Then, Arnst came along in his truck and accidentally hit the victims and their cars. It is not known why he struck them. Arnst has not been charged with any crimes at this time. But the investigation continues.



There was no video on this crash at the time of posting.

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