Crash Video Files: Clay County, Missouri: Pedestrian Charles E. Turman Struck and Killed By City Bus On Interstate 35

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and, a man was struck and killed by a a city bus in Clay County, Missouri. It happened on Interstate 35, on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. The time was 5:10 in the afternoon. The location was just north of Interstate 29.

The victim was Charles E. Turman. It is not clear why pedestrian Turman was on the highway at the time of the accident or exactly what caused the victim to get hit. He was 40 and lived in Kansas City, Missouri.

Others Involved:

1. The driver of the city bus was Dominique L. Clark. She is 21 and also from K.C. Clark was not injured.

2. The only person on the bus who was injured was Kelyn W. Marion, a 24-year-old female from Liberty, Missouri. She sustained only minor injuries.

Criminal Charges?

No charges have been filed against Clark.


Missouri State Highway Patrol

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