Crash Video Files: Chipley, Washington County, Florida: 3 Killed In I-10 Van Accident – Patricia Baker And Children Micah Goldsmith And Maliya Chrishon; 6 Victims Injured

This was a one-vehicle crash of a van on Interstate 10, in the area of Chipley, Washington County, Florida. Police believe it was caused by a blown tire. After the tire blew out, the van overturned and came to rest on its side. The driver has not been charged. At this point, it just appears to be an unfortunate accident. The crash was on Saturday, November 16, 2013, at about 8:30 in the morning.

3 of the van passengers were killed. 6 others, including 5 passengers and the driver, were injured.

Here is a list of those victims who died:

1. Patricia Baker was 58 years old and from DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

2. Micah Goldsmith was 11 and also from DeFuniak Springs.

3. Maliya Chrishon was 8 and also from DeFuniak Springs.

Here is the available information on those who were injured (they are all from DeFuniak Springs):

1. Driver Martha Bramlet is 49 and from Freeport, Florida. She sustained minor injuries.

2. Kayla Green is 11 and also suffered minor injuries.

Note that the following were either critically or seriously injured. No other specifics were available yet.

3. Taquita Davis is 32.

4. Deshaunna Glenn is 33.

5. Akyra Eiland is 30.

6. Dorothy Turner is 55.


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