Crash Video Files: Carthage, Maine: Teen Tyla Thibodeau Killed In Motorcycle Accident

A teen has been killed in a one-vehicle motorcycle accident, in Carthage, Maine. No one else was injured.


The exact location of the crash was not provided.


The exact time was not reported. But the accident was on Sunday night, August 11, 2013.


Tyla Thibodeau was 15 years old. He lived in Carthage.


Thibodeau was pulling some kind of rope or wire behind his dirt bike. It got tangled up in his rear wheel. At that point, it isn’t clear precisely what happened. But Tyla reportedly got wrapped up in the coil, as well. It isn’t clear at this time exactly what injuries led to his death.


Bangor Daily News Report On Motorcycle (Dirt Bike) Crash and Death Of Tyla Thibodeau, In Carthage, Maine

There were no videos available on this teen’s accident at the time of posting.

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