Crash Video Files: Bynum, Hill County, Texas: Teen Katie Blindert Killed And Victoria Mitchell And Lane Scott Injured In County Road 3124 Accident

One teen girl has been killed and two other teenage victims injured in a one-vehicle crash in Hill County, Texas. The accident occurred on County Road 3124, close to Bynum, Texas.

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, at about 2:30 in the morning, 19-year-old Katie Blindert was killed in this crash. The victims who were injured include 18-year-old Victoria Mitchell and 18-year-old Lane Scott.

Blindert lived in Austin, Texas, and Mitchell lives in Leander, Texas. Reports I have seen did not state where Lane Scott lives.

Mitchell was said to be in fair condition. But Scott was critically injured.

The driver was Victoria Mitchell. What caused this accident is that she lost control for some unknown reason, causing the car to first go off the road. Then, Mitchell overcorrected, which resulted the car rolling more than once. No one was wearing a seat belt.

It is not yet known whether Victoria Mitchell will be charged with any crimes over this accident.


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There was no video available on this crash at the time of posting. You can click “Texas news” in the tags below find recent crash and crime videos for this state.

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