Crash Video Files: Bloomington, San Bernardino, California: Antoinette Huff Killed In Accident Near Interstate 10 And Cedar Avenue

A woman was killed in a car accident with no passengers involved. All reports I have seen are very vague as to what happened. It is not clear whether this was a one-vehicle accident or a two-vehicle or multi-car crash. The word “collision” was used in reporting. But it has not been specified what kind of collision occurred.

Other than that, all that authorities seem to know is that the woman was thrown from her vehicle. An autopsy is being done to confirm that Antoinette Huff died from crash-related injuries.

Date: Monday, September 30, 2013

Time: About 9:30 at night

City / County / State: Near Bloomington, San Bernardino County, California

Address: Near the intersection of Interstate 10 And Cedar Avenue

Victims Killed:

1. Antoinette Huff was 45 years old. She lived in Colton, California.

Victims Injured:

none reported


See first paragraph for a discussion of the cause, which is basically not known.

Criminal Charges?

There are no charges at this time.


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