Crash Video Files: Baltimore Township, Barry County, Michigan: Timothy Charles Nixon Killed In Pedestrian Accident When Struck By Teen Driver On M-37

A pedestrian was struck and killed in this accident. He was hit by a teen driver.

Date: Saturday, January 4, 2014

Time: About 11 at night

City / County / State: Baltimore Township, Barry County, Michigan

Address: M-37, close to Butler Road

Victims Killed:

1. Timothy Charles Nixon was 50 years old and lived in Hastings, Michigan.

Victims Injured:


Car Driver:

The person who hit Nixon was a 16-year-old. This driver’s name, gender, and other personal details were not provided.


Police say they were notified that there was a man in dark clothing in the street. Only about a minute later, they got another report that a pedestrian had been hit. It turned out to be Nixon. Authorities are now trying to figure out why he was in the road that night. The road was also snowy and slick. Poor visibility likely made it difficult or impossible to see Nixon.

Criminal Charges?

The teen has not been charged or even cited.



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