Crash Video Files: Amite, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana: Pedestrian Demetrius J. Ruffin Killed In Accident When Struck By Sierah B. Brabham on Interstate 55

One male pedestrian was killed in this accident. Although the investigation is not over, the driver has not been cited, arrested, or charged. And that motorist is not suspected of drunk driving.

Date: Friday, December 20, 2013

Time: About 8:30 at night

City / County / State: Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Address: Interstate 55

Victims Killed:

1. Demetrius J. Ruffin lived in Independence, Louisiana. His age was not reported.

Victims Injured:


Car Driver:

Sierah B. Brabham was the driver of the vehicle that struck Ruffin. This driver’s age and city of residence were not provided.


Ruffin was struck by Brabham when walking south, in the right line, and near the fog line. Besides that, no other information was available on what caused this pedestrian fatality.


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