Crash News Video: Morgan County, Alabama: Oden Ridge Firefighter And Military Veteran, Jantzen Frazier, Killed In Fire-Truck Accident

A man has been killed when performing firefighter duties. The victim was also a military veteran with combat experience. KPLC has a video on this fire-truck crash. You can watch it by using the link posted below.

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time: Around 2:30 in the afternoon

City / County / State: Morgan County, Alabama


The specific location of the accident was not provided. The fire that the victim was responding to was at a house on Wilson Mountain Road.

Victims Killed:

1. Jantzen Frazier was a U.S. Army military veteran and volunteer firefighter in Oden Ridge, Alabama. Frazier was around 27 or 28 (reports differed slightly on his age).

Victims Injured:



Frazier lost control of the fire truck for some unknown reason. It then overturned.


Hartselle Enquirer

KPLC Video

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