Crash News Video: Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida: Sean Edward Parke Killed In Motorcycle Accident At Cypress Lake And Lake Breeze; Shirley Sylves And Evelyn Miozza Injured has released a video about this motorcycle crash, in which a teen biker was killed. One woman in a van was injured. There is a link below to the video.

Date: Thursday, January 9, 2014 (exact time not available)

City / County / State: Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida

Address: Intersection of Cypress Lake Drive and Lake Breeze Drive

Victims Killed:

1. Sean Edward Parke was the 17-year-old teenager who died. He lived in Fort Myers.

Victims Injured:

Shirley Sylves was one of two occupants in the van involved in this crash. She is 80 and was seriously injured. Evelyn Miozza is 78 and was the other occupant. She sustained minor injuries. Sylves and Miozza are from Fort Myers Beach.


Parke’s motorcycle collided with the van as the latter was making a left turn at the intersection.

Criminal Charges?

There are no charges at this time. It’s really not possible to tell from reports who was at fault. Was Parke speeding, and did the minivan negligently fail to yield the right of way? Answers to these questions and others are not clear at this time.

Sources: Video

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