CNN Weather News Video: Philippines Flood and Typhoon Update For August 7, 2012; Tens of Thousands Evacuated, 53 People Killed So Far

The following CNN weather news video is about the current typhoon and floods in Manila and other parts of the Philippines. This video serves as an August 7, 2012 update to these severe weather conditions. Alex Zolbert is reporting from Manila.

The rains are said to be torrential for the last 24 hours or so. Roads are closed down all over the place. CNN tried to get from Manila to Marikina City. But they couldn’t cross the Marikina Bridge because the river had already burst its banks.

Philippine National Railways has suspended service for the time being. Even the Philippine Stock Exchange has closed.

In some residential areas, the torrential rains have caused floods as high as 2 meters, making it very difficult to evacuate.

Those not in evacuation areas are asked to stay indoors or, if necessary, find higher ground.

Including the typhoon in recent days, the death count for these floods has increased to 53 people.

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