CNN Weather News Video: Hurricane Sandy Update For Rehoboth Beach And Delaware (October 28 – 29, 2012); Delaware State House Member Pete Schwartzkopf And Governor Jack Markell

The following CNN weather video is an update on Hurricane Sandy. As this storm moves towards the Northeast, Delaware and Rehoboth Beach are starting to feel its effects. This is an update for October 28 and 29, 2012. KYW is the original source of the video and reporting.

A reporter is on Rehoboth Beach. You can see high winds already. He says that Sandy is ahead of schedule in hitting there.

There is a 30-foot gap between the beach and the boardwalk. The waves and water are shrinking that gap fast.

Pete Schwartzkopf is a member of the Delaware State House. He is interviewed for this video and says the storm is scaring him. He has been there a long time and not seen such a storm as Hurricane Sandy.

Governor Jack Markell also appeared and said people in the evacuation area need to get out now because emergency personnel might not be able to reach you due to flooding.

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