CNN Weather News Video – August 8 Update On Philippines Floods; Officials Work To Rescue More Stranded Victims

A recent monsoon has caused massive flooding in the Philippines. In this August 8, 2012 video update, CNN is talking about efforts by Philippine officials to rescue flood victims who are still stranded.

Gwendolyn Pang is the Secretary-General of the Philippines Red Cross. She does a phone interview for this story.

According to Pang, a lot of victims simply didn’t evacuate because they didn’t think the water would get that deep. But it has reached the second floor of homes and buildings in some areas.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012, 50 centimeters of rain fell in Manila. You can see flood images below, as well. Water in these images is around two feet deep. However, it was reported to be as high as 6 feet deep yesterday.

Manila has about 12 million people.

Gwendolyn Pang did not say exactly how many people have been killed, but she said it is double or triple previous reports. This could mean as high as 150 or so people if she is talking about the 50 or so reported deaths from yesterday. But she said the Red Cross is still validating how many flood victims have been killed in this August 2012 disaster.

She also said some people could not be rescued because they were in hard-to-reach areas, such as next to a river with a strong current.

IReporter Elmar Porteno provided some of the rescue and flood images for this story.

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