CNN Science And Technology News Video: Bozeman, Montana: Chef Eduardo Garcia Uses Bionic Hand To Cook In Kitchen (Advanced Arm Dynamics Prosthesis)

The following CNN technology features a chef named Eduardo Garcia, who lives in Bozeman, Montana. He lost a hand in an accident, which limited some of what he could do in the kitchen. But this chef is back in business with his own bionic hand. It’s a high-tech prosthetic hand that he utilizes for his kitchen tasks. This video was added to the CNN website on September 14, 2013. KPTV is the original source.

Garcia now lives in Bozeman but received culinary training in the Seattle, Washington area. At the time of this video and interview, he had only had his bionic hand for about one day. But they say he was getting used to it really fast.

Advanced Arm Dynamics provided the prosthesis. That outfit is in Portland, Oregon. You can see the bionic hand in action by playing the clip below. The way it works is Eduardo learns to flex his upper-arm muscles in certain ways to activate sensors that control the hand movements.

Mac-Julian Lang, who works for Advanced Arm Dynamics, is interviewed for this piece. He talks about how each arm can be fine tuned to fit a particular user.

CNN Science Video About Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Bionic Hand

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