CNN Politics News Video: Mayor Bob Filner, Of San Diego, California, Apologizes After Complaints Of Sexual Harassment

The following CNN politics news video contains a statement from Mayor Bob Filner, who is the current mayor of San Diego, California. He is currently under fire for alleged sexual harassment from several women. This video was added to the CNN website on July 12, 2013. It aired on the Early Start TV show.

Mayor Filner pretty much comes right out and admits he has exhibited inappropriate behavior, including intimidating women. Some have called for his resignation. Rather than resigning, though, Filner says he is committed to change and must change his behavior to effectively lead the city of San Diego.

There has been no public mention of the women making these claims. So no names of alleged victims were provided. But it’s clear that Filner is admitting to some kind of wrongdoing, without discussing specific legal issues.

I don’t know if Filner really deserves another chance or not. We just don’t know enough about the substance of the allegations to know how egregious the activity was.

CNN Video Showing San Diege Mayor Bob Filner’s Apology For Inappropriate Behavior, After Claims Of Sexual Harassment Made By Women

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