CNN Piers Morgan Politics News Video: Brian Vicente And Kevin Sabet Debate Marijuana Legalization

The following CNN politics news video comes from the Piers Morgan TV show. It contains a debate between Brian Vicente and Kevin Sabet. The debate is about the legalization for recreational use of marijuana. This comes on the heels of Colorado’s and Washington’s vote to legalize on November 6, 2012. This video was posted to CNN on November 9.

Kevin Sabet is a former Obama drug policy adviser. His argument is that marijuana increases traffic accidents while decreasing intelligence. The problem with his points is that the same logic could be used to ban almost anything, including Doritos and even cars, themselves. Of course, if you get stoned every single day, it might affect your intelligence. Similarly, just like driving drunk, it might increase the risk of a car accident. If this argument is good enough, then it seems almost everything should be banned. Come on. Why draw the line at marijuana? Let’s go for fatty foods, as well.

Brian Vicente is the campaign co-director for Amendment 64. He says that prohibition simply doesn’t work. In addition, regulating it actually allows for better control and gets the cartels out of the marijuana business. As a side benefit, taxes can help fund important things, such as education.

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