CNN News Video – Upper Darby, Pennsylvania’s Landsdowne Towers: Man In Wheelchair With Muscular Dystrophy Beaten And Robbed

The following CNN crime news video is about a heinous crime against a man in a wheelchair. The victim has muscular dystrophy. This video was uploaded to the CNN video collection on July 31, 2012. KYW is the original source for this story.

This incident took place in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, at the Landsdowne Towers apartment building. The victim responded to someone knocking on his door. That’s when two guys came in, dragged him across the floor, and stole a TV and X-Boxes. The robbers also took 35 pills that the victim needs to control his pain.

What’s worse is the guy with muscular dystrophy was allegedly set up by his own cousin, who arranged for the two thugs to come to his house with some cover story about medication. Suspect Dominic Henderson has already been arrested. Keenan Smith is the other suspect and is wanted by police.

The two robbers were caught on tape on the video below. The victim was using a camera in his home.

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