CNN News Video: Political Cartoon Industry May Be Dead As Far As Full-Time Income Opportunities; Features Matt Bors

The following CNN news video is about the state of the political cartoon industry. It features Matt Bors, who does not see a rosy picture for the future of political cartooning. This video was added to the CNN website on July 17, 2013.

Bors says political cartooning is fine from a creativity perspective. But he expects it to diminish in the same way that other types of journalism are on the decline.

30 years ago, there were about 280 staff cartoonists. Today, there are less than 100.

Actually, Bors said that he is a freelancer, and this may be the way the industry is going instead of full-time staff jobs.

Jake Tapper then did a cartoon-off with Matt Bors. They drew pictures of presidents without looking at anything as a reference.

CNN Video Featuring Poltical Cartoonist, Matt Bors, And Focusing On The Dim Future Of This Industry

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