CNN News Video: Piers Morgan TV Show: Howard Samuels Debates “Marijuana Mom,” Cheryl Shuman

The following CNN news video comes from Piers Morgan’s TV show. Morgan Spurlock is the guest host for this segment. Two guests are debating the benefits and risks of marijuana use. This video was added to the CNN website on July 29 2013.

The pro-pot guest is Cheryl Shuman, who has been identified on this video as “Marijuana Mom.” The anti-pot guest is Howard Samuels, who is the founder and CEO of The Hills Treatment Center.

Shuman says no one overdoses or dies from marijuana and never has. She seems to admit that some people may get an addiction to pot, but she says those are people who get addicted to other things, as well. This is pretty much the weakest part of her debate and the strongest part for Samuels.

Samuels does admit that truly sick people, such as those with cancer, could benefit from medicinal marijuana. But he says the California system is a big sham. People who aren’t really sick are getting pot.

I’m not sure exactly what these people are debating. If it is strictly a legality debate, then Shuman makes strong arguments for legality of cannabis. But if it’s a lifestyle debate, then Samuels has many good points. For example, people with addictive personalities should be getting addicted to life, not drugs.

CNN Video With Marijuana Debate Between Howard Samuels And Cheryl Shuman

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